KRUI On-Air Staff Application
**PLEASE NOTE: this application is ONLY for DJs who have been trained on KRUI's equipment. Returning non-DJs need not apply.**

General Information

Job Interests

Do you want to join a staff? In the area below, please select any staff you are interested in joining. This excludes any staff you are currently on. Check all that apply:

Write a brief history of your time at KRUI. Include a list of past slots held (to the best of your recollection), activity on any staffs, and general experience with the station.

If you applied for staff(s) above, include a short interpretation of the function of each staff. What would hope to accomplish by joining this staff(s)?

Show Information

If you are applying for talk/music specialty, write a paragraph-long 'pitch' for your show. Include a basic description and any other relevant information (blogs, etc.)

If you plan on having a co-DJ(s), please list their name and ID number(s):

Please list below ALL times you are available for the semester you are applying for.

Please list your top 5 choices for a time slot. Please note that we may not be able to fulfill all requests.

If given a choice, would you prefer an overnight slot (2am-7am) or an earlier slot in The Lab?

Overnight Slot
The Lab

Playlist Sample. We ask that you provide and sample setlist of the music that you would play on your show. If possible, try to provide 20 songs by 20 different artists.
*This is only required for applicants looking to do a music specialty show.

If your application for a special program is not accepted would you like your application to be considered for regular rotation?


Final Thoughts

Why do you like working for KRUI? What skills have you learned from the station?

Would you change anything about the station? Why or why not?

In your opinion, what are KRUI's roles in the community? What are your views on the role of radio in general?

I verify that my answers above are correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that all positions at KRUI are volunteer positions, and that this completed application is not a guarantee of employment at KRUI. If hired, I will uphold all the policies and regulations of the FCC, KRUI, Student Broadcasters, Inc., and the University of Iowa.

If you agree to the above statement, click "Apply to KRUI."

We apologize but we cannot respond to all applications.